【Official】Apollo sou honkan

   "Okomori"plan sale! All plan:Private meals & large communal baths are reserved free of charge except on specific days!     Free drinks in the refrigerator in your room!

【About measures against coronavirus at this facility】
To prevent the spread of coronavirus infection, all staff members are required to wear a mask.
We appreciate your understanding, but please understand.
In addition, thorough alcohol disinfection in this facility,
At the front desk, we are taking measures such as installing rubbing alcohol.

Private meals & large communal baths are reserved free of charge except on specific days!
All rooms are equipped with a refrigerator, and drinks in the refrigerator are free drinks!
 (A bottle of sparkling liquor, sour, water, tea, juice and cider is included.)

(Saturday and specific days)
The rooms are divided by partition and have a wide open space, and the public baths are for men and women.

Accommodation Features

  • ○Banquet Hall○

    There is also a large banquet hall (76 square meters).
    Please spare time with delicious dishes, sake, and a fun party.

  • ○Yukata○

    Variations of Yukata are also proud of Apoloso.
    Please also find your favorite Yukata and relax at ease.
    ※Some plan can not be lent.
  • ○vending machine○

    There is a vending machine for drinks on each floor.

    1st floor: Asahi Beer · Sour
    Second floor: Coca Cola
    3rd floor: Kirin Beer
    4th floor: Kirin

    At the third floor shop,
    We sell souvenirs, sweets, snacks, ice cream, cup noodles etc.

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  • ~Apoloso standing in a mountainous area with a warm heartedness~

    Enjoy fresh cuisine and Yugawara Onsen at the Apoloso in a relaxing mountainous area.
    You can relax and enjoy.
    "Private open-air bath" for hot springs, "Mandarin bath" for Mandarin bath to refresh freshly,
    Enjoying three kinds of "Japanese cypress bath" overlooking the street of Yugawara,
    I do not want to like hot springs.
    After enjoying hot springs, we used plenty of Yugawara seafood and brand cow
    Please enjoy brining the dishes.

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