【Official】Apollo sou honkan

~~ 50th anniversary special planning of foundation★Second person 50% OFF★August 2 reservation until reservation OK -~【Overnight dinner & breakfast included Only over 10,000 yen plan.Please make an inquiry by phone by 0465-62-4542 before making a reservation.】

This year our club welcomes its 50th anniversary.As a special project, we will show you the second customer at 50% OFF for a limited time until August 2.
We will wait for your reservation after confirming the following items.

·One person's room charge will be a plan 10000 yen or more.·More than 2 people · Used only on Sundays except Saturdays.·Regarding booking before calling, please be aware that it can not be applied.
·Regarding the plan last reservation, please be aware that it can not be used.
·Please contact us by phone.(Phone number: 0465-62-4542)

Within the facility

  • ○Banquet Hall○

    Communication Karaoke(One song 200 yen)·TV · Video,
    There is also a large banquet hall (76 square meters) with well-equipped sound equipment.
    Please spare time with delicious dishes, sake, and a fun party.

  • ○Yukata○

    Variations of Yukata are also proud of Apoloso.
    Please also find your favorite Yukata and relax at ease.
    ※Some plan can not be lent.
  • ○vending machine○

    There is a vending machine for drinks on each floor.

    1st floor:Asahi Beer · Sour
    Second floor:coca cola
    3rd floor:Kirin Beer
    4th floor:Giraffe

    At the third floor shop,
    We sell souvenirs, sweets, snacks, ice cream, cup noodles etc.

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  • ~Apoloso standing in a mountainous area with a warm heartedness~

    Enjoy fresh cuisine and natural hanging sink hot springs at the Apoloso, set in a mountainous area with a warm heart.
    You can relax and enjoy.
    "Onsen" is a "private outdoor bath" overlooking the streets of Yugawara,
    You can enjoy 3 kinds of "Mandarin bath" and "Japanese cypress bath" where mandarin orange is refreshingly scented,
    I do not want to like hot springs.
    After enjoying hot springs, we used plenty of Yugawara seafood and brand cow
    Please enjoy brining the dishes.

Booking·Contact us

If you have any questions, please contact us.