2. Cuisine


  • ○Serve seasonal seafood and mountain favorites○

    There are mountains and oceans around Apoloso.
    So you can serve dishes of the ingredients with plenty of fresh seasonal seafood and mountaineering.
    We also use passion for vegetables that color the main dish, fresh home-made and local farmers' fresh vegetables.
    We used local brand cows such as fresh plush fish and juicy and flavorful Hakone Sanroku Pork and Izu Beef
    Please enjoy delicious dishes fully.
  • Freshly harvested!

    ~Shakijaki fresh vegetables~
    We use fresh and safe vegetables of homemade and local farmers.
    Fresh vegetables are perfect for relaxing tiredness with a nutritional score!
    Not only delicious, we serve dishes thought of health.
  • Lifestyle is different!

    ~Puri-fry seafood~
    Because I am using fresh seafood captured in the near waters,
    You can enjoy exquisite delicious seafood dishes.
    Please enjoy the taste of the season every season.
  • Juicy!

    ~Brand meat~
    "Hakone Sanroku Pork" which is odorless and juicy and flavorful
    "Izu Beef" which tastes like a lot of meat juice melts,
    Please enjoy delicious meat with great satisfaction if you eat.
    Please enjoy with simple cuisine making use of the material.
  • ○Bespoke dish will be served○

    Please ask at the time of reservation.

    ·"Swordfish pot ware":1100 yen
    ·"Grilled Japanese Spiny Lobster":2750 yen
    ·"Snow Crab":2200 yen
    ·"Izu Beef steak":2750 yen
    ·"Abalone":Market value from 2750 yen
    ·"Kinme snapper boiled":5500 yen

    ※As of September 2022
  • ○Home page reservation privilege○

    When you make a reservation from our homepage, we will prepare "Sasae no Tato."
    I will be happy to serve you.

    ※Only plan with one night's meal
    ※Cheap packs and plan less than 10,000 yen are excluded